TENGARD Holdings Limited – Hongkong IFA 

With a team of experienced investment professionals and financial planners, TENGARD strive to provide distinguished services and products to our clients in Asia.

Our strategic shareholders have strong business network covering Asia, enabling our company to establish a solid partnership with other investment professionals around the world.

For professional qualifications, Tengard Group Limited has obtained the following licenses and membership:
For insurance services, Tengard Finanacial Services Limited is a member of Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA).

For investment services, Tengard Fund Management Limited is a registered Investment Advisor with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (licensed to carry out regulated activities including Type 1: Dealing in Securities Type 4: Advising on Securities and Type 9: Asset Management).

Another advantage of Tengard is having a multi-disciplinary mix of professionals that combines Investment Managers, Legal Professionals, Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), Certified Financial Planners (CFPCM), and Chartered Accountants. We will take each individual client’s needs seriously, providing an exquisite asset allocation view in order to recommend the composition and distribution of his/her portfolio. We can provide customers with general insurance, long-term insurance and investment-linked plan for asset protection and wealth management services. On the other hand, we also provide professional services on equities and bonds investment, investment portfolio management, commodities investment, investment migration counseling etc. For different types of customers, we will provide a tailor-made investment strategy. With such a comprehensive financial management support, customers do not just reduce the risk of investment, but also enhance the potential return, in order to achieve the expected financial goals within a certain time frame for creating the ideal lifestyle. Tengard does really make customers enjoy a truly “one stop” financial services.


Our strength as professionals in investment, insurance and immigration is to develop a comprehensive solution to suit our clients’ needs and reduce their risk.

With a team of innovative professionals, we are dedicated to offering a unique total solution to achieve different needs such as:

  1. Financial freedom
  2. Wealth accumulation for generations
  3. Wealth protection

Creativity is crucial to creating a unique financial solution, but it cannot exist on its own; it must be allied with practical project management experience under the guidance of outstanding professionals in various fields. Our experienced team is confident in determining a creative yet workable and practical solution. We also believe that the client is an important part of the creative team and we strive to develop a strong collaborative working relationship with our clients.
means we can provide a comprehensive solution to:

  • Enhance overall return
  • Reduce risk exposure

We enhance overall return by utilizing innovative investment strategies, in-depth tax planning, wider product ranges, seasoned professionals and innovative ideas.

We reduce risk exposure by diversification with more assets classes and well-planned strategies, regular credibility reviews and proper due diligence on products and services. We believe you cannot find another professional like Tengard anywhere, anytime.

Our ManagementTENGARD

To limit your risk, we carefully select reliable service and product providers and continuously monitor their credibility
Although financial return cannot be guaranteed, we can limit our risk exposure for every solution
Within the acceptable risk level, we strive to deliver better and more stable return to our clients
We deliver more innovative products and go through in-depth due diligence in the selection of products
We understand our role is more than a return generator; we also value wealth preservation which is the cornerstone
for wealth building

  1. Ricky Ngan Founder and CEO
    Ricky Ngan is our founder and CEO of Tengard. Ricky leads the company to build up its reputation as a major player in the financial industry known for its effective, highly creative investment platform for clients and business partners. His experience in managing a 4.6 billion HKD governmental agency fund with good returns in long run and being executive directors of listed financial institutions for years enables him to ensure that the client’s aspirations are fully met. He will also be the responsible officer for our investment arm.
  2. Patrick Shum Director – Investment Management
    Patrick is our Director – Investment Management for Tengard. Being a well-known financial star in Southeast Asia, he appears regularly on various TV channels and digital medias. He is responsible for overseeing all creative strategies and new investment concepts. He works directly with clients and business partners to develop the best solutions for effective business development and investment return. He will be the responsible officer for our investment arm.
  3. Terence Hui Director – Insurance Brokerage
    Terence is our Director – Insurance Brokerage for Tengard. Being an insurance brokerage professional for over 15 years, Terence is responsible for all insurance brokerage business development in the company. He will introduce more creative solutions to assist clients in achieving financial freedom, limiting financial liabilities and covering unforeseen circumstances. He will be the Chief Executive of our insurance brokerage service arm.

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    みなさま、こんにちは。 ボーナスプロモーションのお知らせ第2弾です♪ 期間:2024年4月1日~2024年6月30日 (お申込書必着) 対象商品:サンジョイ・サンギフト・サンジョイグローバル・サンギフトグローバ
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    みなさん、こんにちは。 今日はびっくりニュースが飛び込んできましたのでお伝えしようと思います! 【ニュース概要】 HSBC ライフは、香港で1人のお客様に対し、補償額2億5千万米ドルの証券を販売したと発表した。
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    皆様こんにちは。 いかがお過ごしでしょうか? 香港は旧正月が近く、お祝いムードが漂っています。 さてさて、今日はFTライフ社の大人気商品マイウェルスの商品説明会のご案内です。 ローリスクでお金を貯めたい方向けの



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